LetterSpace Creative, LLC is a full-service graphic design and marketing communications studio. Equally
strong at design for print and the Web, we’re not afraid to think big, or to do things differently. Our
passion for good design and developing our clients’ visions drive us to excel in customer relations, and
the proof is the results. We develop unique materials and create new brands that convey the organization’s
attributes through the look, feel, and message for their communications.

Our small studio allows us to have personal and direct contact with each client, which assures that their
projects will be understood and implemented in a timely manner. We combine market research and
innovative design, and utilize the most up-to-date technologies to efficiently meet our client’s goals.
By partnering with other small companies, we combine the best of both our worlds. We can provide the
design assistance our partners require for their clients in a cost-effective manner, which in turn allows
us to expand our portfolio with fantastic projects. We enjoy our partnerships, and as a result, our
creative skills and experience is reflected in our award-winning work.

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